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We can provide you with a list of good installers. We offer on-site training and technical support. NUDURA’s Resource Center offers videos, training courses, brochures and more.


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Building Net-Zero Energy projects at a cost comparable with traditional construction.


ICF Block Benefits
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  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Ease of Construction
  • Better Moisture Control
  • Insulated Footings / Stem Walls
  • Superior Retaining Walls

NUDURA Integrated Building Technology & Building Value

ICF Warehouse, Inc. stocks multiple cavity sizes of Nudura form and ancillary products to service the residential and commercial construction market in Central and Northern New Mexico Rio Grande corridor. We offer delivery, scaffold bracing and other specialized equipment. Our experience and knowledge gained from 18 years of distribution and installation gives you all you’ll need to insure the success of your ICF project.

ICF construction combines the structural integrity, safety and longevity of reinforced concrete with unequaled design flexibility made possible by Nudura’s innovative form line up. We offer a wide variety of custom product. From special order radius forms and the capacity to build architectural exposed concrete wall (1 Series) blending the bold look of concrete and limitless amount of thermal mass with the efficiency of ICF construction. No other manufacturer in today’s market makes so many options available to the industry.

Serving Central & Northern New Mexico from Albuquerque to the Colorado border including:
Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, Las Vegas, Belen, Corrales, East Mountains and surrounding areas.